Flatbed LTL & Partial Shipment Service Area

The Only True Flatbed LTL System on the West Coast

The Benefits of Flatbed LTL vs. Van LTL

Flatbed LTL is any type of shipment other than a Truckload that has to be moved in a side or top accessible trailer.

While all types of freight qualify for this service, certain shipments such as; Industrial Products, Machinery, Lumber, Various Metals or other items that would not fit on a normal 4’x4’ pallet, receieve the most benefit.

DOSS has 10 Locations all over the West Coast servicing all 5 states (Arizona,, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington) daily. Handling over 60,000 shipments annually and have less then a .02% claim rate has us lead all other LTL carriers. We also have an on-time percentage of over 95% well within industry standards.

With various equipment types not limited to just flatbed we can handle any type of LTL delivery. Also, being asset based with a large fleet of our own trucks and access to other carriers for overflow, DOSS is the best choice for all industrial and flatbed LTL.

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